Tips on Better Social Media Security


Social media users tend to over share life details in order to feel connected to However, these private details can be used maliciously by cyber thieves to access sensitive accounts, create fraudulent identities, and compromise careers. Sourced from:

The risks of oversharing on social media is a real one as these life details can be used maliciously to access sensitive information and create fraudulent identities.

Photos and other media Age and gender Biographical information (education, employment history, hometown, etc.) Status updates (also known as posts) Contacts Interests Geographical location Sourced from:

Content that was posted with restrictive privacy settings may become visible when a privacy policy is altered. Approved contacts may copy and repost information – including photos – without a user’s permission, potentially bypassing privacy settings. Third-party applications that have been granted access may be able to view information that a user or a user’s contacts post privately. Sourced from:

If you decide to accept the request, use privacy settings to limit what information is viewable to the stranger and be cautious of posting personal information to your account, such as your current location as well as personally identifiable information. Sourced from: